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The best way to showcase your company’s work is by making corporate videos and iContent is known as one of the best Corporate Videos Making Company in Mumbai.
Change your old and traditional ways of working and adapt to the newer ways.Communicate with your customers by making an interactive corporate video. iContent shall help you make a Budget-Friendly Video with rich content and well- designed animation.

Let the world know the vision, mission, core values of your organization and your esteem products interactively and creatively with the help of a corporate video. We firmly believe that every business should have a corporate video. A corporate video not only simplifies your message and information about your company, but it also enhances your conversion rates and improves your sales. A 2.5-3 mins corporate video can create a magical difference. Using corporate videos can help you stay strong in your competition. Corporate videos are an essential tool for any business regardless of your industry. They allow you to connect with and engage target customers in a way other digital media can’t match.

What is a corporate video used for?

Corporate Videos Making Company in Mumbai 

A corporate video is any video that is produced by a company or an organization to showcase their company profile, products or services. Corporate videos can be accessed across all digital mediums and be used for various purposes. It is used by a company to create awareness about its product and services, way of working and offers. It also helps to serve several purposes, i.e. Training, videos, instructional videos, and safety videos for employees.

We expertise in :

We expertise in :

Corporate Sales Videos

Customer Experience Videos

Brand Awareness Videos

Internal Use Videos

Educational videos

Manufacturing videos

White board animation videos

2D and 3D animation videos

Corporate Sales Videos :

Video Advertising

Corporate Videos Making Company in Mumbai 

Corporate videos have been in the market since the invention of television. The advertisement we see on television have their roots since the early days of television. Video advertising has always been an effective way to market products or services and attract the audience. However, with recent reliance on marketing on the internet and growth of E-Commerce video advertisement has penetrated reach to a broader audience. Advertising videos have also become budget-friendly and can be created in just a couple of days.

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DiTRP LOGO video

Storyboard 2


Product Explainer Videos & Demo Videos

Conveying the information about the benefits of the product and how does a product work is an essential role of marketing and reaching out to your customers. A subset of sales video Product Explainer Videos & Demo Videos is often used as advertising videos. The Product Explainer Videos & Demo Videos are mostly animated videos as the aim is to make the user understand the product in a short period. Animated explainer video production company can design the video that works best with your product. Product explainer videos are particularly beneficial for businesses with sophisticated or innovative services the typical consumer isn’t immediately familiar with. Product demonstration videos are similar to an explainer video, but they are more focused on explicitly showcasing a product in action, demonstrating its different features.

Corona killer product

Bhagwati Steels

Konnection App

Video Testimonials

Customer testimonials are an established marketing and sales tool, proven to help customers gain confidence in your service or product. Testimonials from real people work because they come across as an unbiased and truthful account of your business. But while many companies rely on only using written testimonials, you can double up on their effectiveness by asking customers to share their experiences with your product or service through corporate video testimonials. Being able to see and hear the customer increases the authenticity of the testimony. Telling a story around the benefits of using the service, rather than listing out features, gives this video testimonial an appeal that will resonate with prospective customers.

Kashmir (Travel video)

2D Animation, Infographics

Hotel Industry 3D View

Educational Videos

Educational Videos have always been the most effective way of connecting with target audiences and establishing trust in your brand. Helping people to learn something new builds an absolute trust and relationship with the brand. Which indirectly makes it easier to convert leads into paying customers. Prospective customers who become familiar with your educational material will often organically check out your offering because of the interest in you that’s been generated by the informative video content they’ve watched. These corporate videos are also a great form of building brand awareness. Viewers who find your instructional videos useful are going to be more likely to Promote them across their networks.

Edurific Demo Animation

DiTRP video (Animation)


Shikhara school (3D animation)

Brand Awareness Corporate Videos :

Brand Values Video

Corporate Videos Making Company in Mumbai 

Brand Values videos are specific corporate videos made from the perspective to create awareness about the brand. These types of corporate videos promote your organization’s value proposition in a way that connects with your target audience. This is almost like a video brochure of your organization. The brand values films create a story your target audience will relate to thereby building an emotional connection between the brand and audience. Often made with high production value, these eye-catching promotional corporate videos aim to share your values, mission, and ultimately your brand with your target audience. The content of your videos needs to be consistent with your overall brand, but at the same time, you want to share those values in a way that’s interesting and unique to your company.

HA brand advertisement

The Barter Trading (White Board)

Company Profile Video

Corporate Videos Making Company in Mumbai 

One of the most potent attributes of corporate videos is their ability to help brands create a meaningful connection with customers. Company profile videos, act as a sales brochure for your business, showcasing to prospective customers the people behind the company, your service/product offering, and the company philosophy. Company Profile Video is usually a 3 to 5 minutes long and tends to include company founders, executives and other in-house talent talking about the company’s story. They’re also traditionally done with high production quality, with deliberate thought given to the images, pace, editing, and music included. Every element of the company profile video plays a role in painting a picture of your brand in the minds of the viewer. Your company profile video should be featured prominently in your online marketing, and ideally, you’ll want to have a permanent spot on your “About Us” page.

Employee Training Videos

Whether it’s for onboarding new employees, ensuring your team are aware of new legislation or product features, or for merely developing existing skills, every company has a responsibility to provide training to their employees.

Using corporate videos to deliver training is proven to be effective, scalable and affordable. Once a training video has been created, it can be performed repeatedly without any additional investment. Having an internal video platform solution where you host these training videos in a library provides your employees with the flexibility to access them as and when they need to.

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