Researched content marketing strategy for Website content writing
Is your website genuinely depicting your identity?
Your website is your identity, and website content writing is like the ambassador for your Company.
  • Is your website content thought-provoking, unique, and conversational?
  • Does your sales team present your website in front of your customers in the right way ?
  • Do you think that you are able to do the brand positioning through the website?
  • Is your content laden with poor formatting, errors, and unappealing text?
  • Are you able to project yourself and your Company’s vision through your website content?
  • Have you made the content of the website SEO friendly, i.e., does it have SEO based keywords to rank on search engines?
  • Is the website content attractive so that it can seek the attention of onlookers?
  • Thought to ponder !!! Is your website relevant to recent times??
  • Does your website content communicate complete information about your products/services?
  • Do you think your website content has an universal appeal?
  • Does it meet your industry standards?
  • Do you have content prepared to showcase your mission, vision, and your USP?
  • Is your website Plagiarism free?
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Your website is your first point of contact and an image of your Company.

Engaging, Edgy Website content writing to draw customers!!!


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We use unique, catchy, and descriptive META tags (Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, ALT Tags) because these help the search engine understand the content of the page.

Anchor Text

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Anchor text refers to the words which are clickable used to link one web page to another. Therefore, it is a vital part of SEO and helps in ranking.

Adaptive writing

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Writing web content is an adaptive process. Each topic is different, and hence, the style needs to be adapted according to specific needs. iContent adopts techniques of writing as per the intended audience.

100% Grammatically correct

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We draft content which is free from any form of grammar, spelling, and structure errors. So, the content flow is maintained, and content is informing, educating, and entertaining.

Universal Appeal

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The language in the Website content should appeal to the people across the globe. So, it should be simple and have an universal appeal.

Systematic process

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After analyzing the Client's business, brainstorming session takes place. So, we focus on Keyword research, density and Prepare a content strategy.<br /> Therefore, we maintain a scientifically researched formulae of usage of keywords to the relevancy of content.

Framing catchy Headlines

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A catchy headline would compel a reader to dig in the matter. Therefore, the Value of such eye-catching headlines is in their impact on targeted audiences.

Explanatory Sub-headings

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These informative sub-headings add substance to the headline and aid recall. Therefore, Proper sub-headings are useful to fragment the flow of text to ease reading.

Keyword optimization

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Just imagine the loss caused to a business by the wrong usage of keyword, THE BUSINESS shall suffer. Also, your business shall miss out on the benefits and advantages of getting organic traffic through search results.
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Research have time and again shown that 95% of people only prefer to check the first page of search results for finding their product/service:
With no organic traffic, there would be a decline in leads and sale…Also, to note that keyword overstuffing would lead to ‘Spamming’ of the website. So, iContent strictly avoids stuffing content with keywords to increase keyword density.
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Plagiarism FREE Website Content (Plagiarism stands for copied content)
In today’s digital world, the danger of Plagiarism i.e. copied website content writing is drastically increasing. As a result ,it results in bad reputation of the Company as well as of the content writer. It can also result in legal cases and loss of money. Search engines such as Google has its own  algorithm updates that make it possible for them to spot Plagiarism. So, such Plagiarism can also result in the banning of the website and affect the SERP ranking.

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